Game Dev & Arts Club Winter Meeting!

Welcome to our first meeting of Winter quarter!

To newcomers – we will have a short talk on what our club does, and how you can participate.
We’ll be announcing tons of events that will be happening this quarter – including club trips, game jams, and work opportunities!

The club is also a place to just talk about anything related to games. If you are working on a project, please come and show us your work!

1/8, Friday 5PM
Kemper Hall 1131


*If you’re completely new and haven’t read “What’s Game Dev?”, quickly go through this ppt:
Don’t be scared by it though, we will answer any of your questions!



Thanks for coming to today’s meeting – here is the list of events that will happen, please click on them to sign up!

The earliest event is next Wednesday & Thursday where we will have Unity Beginner’s Workshop.

Also don’t forget to sign up for the Game Jam happening 1/16!

Check out FAQ & Tutorial’s powerpoint if you have no idea where to start. Any of our events are open to people who have 0 experience in anything!

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