Pitch Day 1/15

Location & Date:
1/15, Friday 5-7pm
Kemper Hall 1127

What is Pitch Day?

Everyone has 90 seconds to pitch an idea for their game. Form teams with projects that has caught your attention!

If you have an idea for a game…
-State your idea, show off some concept art you found from google (can have ppt if you want)
-State who you need in your team (or don’t if you’re solo)

If you are already working on a game…
-Show it off
-State who you need in your team

If you want to contribute your skills…
-Let them know what you can do
-If you can’t draw/make music/program, be a brainstormer and think of levels, designs, & mechanics! Write stories! Market! Bug test it!

If you want to just learn…
-Talk to the officers; learn where to get resources
-Come to workshops, and read the ppt
-Takes one weekend to start learning almost any discipline

After the pitches feel free to play everyone’s game and just check it out. This will be the last meeting where we have presentations – the rest of the regular meetings will be updates & hang outs!

If you have something to pitch or any questions, message the facebook group or me any time!

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