2/5 3DS Max 3D Modeling Workshop

2/5 Friday
Kemper 1131

This will be a short introduction on how to use the 3D modeling program, 3DS Max. It’s one of the industry standards for modeling, and it’s free for students for the first 3 years! You’ll be learning how to use most of the basic tools, as well as make a simple model by the end of this workshop. You don’t need any experience to join.

Register an account and download 3DS Max here:http://www.autodesk.com/education/free-software/3ds-max
Try to download it before the workshop as it is a fairly large download; however you can do so at school too since it has really fast internet.

Khang Nguyen will be hosting this workshop. Ask us any questions on facebook or at michaeleeli@gmail.com!

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