Events Sign-Ups!

Hey guys! Thanks for coming to today’s meeting. Just a repeat of information, and please sign up for the club trips/workshops! (They will all be in Kemper Hall 1127)

April 6th, 6 – 7:30pm, Wend – Unity Beginner’s Workshop

April 8th, 6 – 7:30pm, Friday – Unity Intermediate’s Workshop

April 8th, 5 – 6pm, Friday – Pitch Day
Message so I can help you out with a pitch.
If you are working on a project (and is not looking for anyone), please go ahead and show it too at the end!

April 9th, 10 – 5pm, Saturday – Indie Arcade Club Trip

April 16th, 10 – 5pm, Saturday – Picnic Day Demo Showcase

For a comprehensive list of events, visit:

For a complete guide of “What is game dev? What to do?”, read through this!:


For the workshops, you don’t need any experience in anything to join. Just make sure to download Unity Personal Edition beforehand at

If anything, I highly recommend people join us for Indie Arcade club trip. It’s the most casual, but fun event there is. 40+ indie game devs will be showcasing their games – play them, talk to them, and just have fun! We will also have a table for our club!


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