Game Night!

Our first meeting where we will actually have time to play games!

We’ll do any pitches and game showcases at the beginning, if anyone missed last meeting. A lot of us including myself will be available to answer any questions you have about the club.

Then we will be bringing board/card games (Coup, catan, etc), super smash, and people’s own games to play! It’ll be a great hang-out night, and we’ll be ordering group pizza ($4/person, but again small chance might be free =p) while we play.

At 5:30PM in the other room, a 30min info session on the club committee will be given. You don’t have to 100% want to work for the club, but if you are curious how we operate and might want to take over next year with other new people, feel free to listen!

Kemper 1127, April 11th
5 – 7pm

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