Looking for new President & Committee 2017!

We are looking for members to take over the club next year!

It has been 2 years since our club’s birth and the majority of the original members are graduating this quarter. We all started from a group of newbs with no idea how to make games, to having people give workshops and form their own indie company!

We want the cycle to continue, without the expectations from almunis to scare them off but still have the support of us all. I will be talking for a short 30 minutes about our history of how we operate, so you can learn from our mistakes or try your own things!

Whether you’re just curious at looking for an impressive resume spot or want to be the next president of the club (trust me it’s not that scary), come and see me in Kemper 1131 at 5:30pm, Friday April 11th. Elections for new positions are in a month, so you’ll still have the chance to see whether you want to help out or not!

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