New Club, New Officers!

As Conrad left last year, I was afraid that our Game Dev & Arts Committee would devolve into an endless pit of programmers complaining about homework all day…well, yes, it did happen, but at least we also have a bunch of people from every other major complaining too!

In the past year, we’ve done over 15 workshops, 4 Game Jams, 3 showcasing events, bunch of club trips, and 30 pizza parties! We’ve connected with other student clubs, other schools, local hobbyists, IGDA Sacramento, Modlab members, professors, and hope to spread our name even further!

To celebrate our achievements, our new generation of members have banded together to make our club an official club! Finally! Thanks to them we’ll be able to get to apply for actual funding. We also want to thank DCSC for all the support when we were a committee, as none of this would be possible without them, and since the ‘committee’ will technically still exist, we hope to further support each other in the future!

I also want to thank the members who are graduating. After this quarter, almost all our original members are depleted as they leave for the real world. They have been the ones building our club, supporting us and making us real. In such a short time I got to know better friends through this club compared to any other, and also found my life’s passion because of it. I’ll be missing you guys a lot, truly. And to Josef Nguyen and Amanda Phillips who are also leaving Modlab and UC Davis – thank you for the opportunities and it was the best thing to happen to us to know you guys. Good luck on your future endeavors!

Next year we’re going to have ambition to make us the greatest club on campus! A new generation, a new chapter. We want to expand our member major varieties, provide more internship opportunities, get more games out there, and ultimately just have MORE FUN! I will be here as president for one more quarter next Fall, and then pass it on to you guys.

Really, I am super duper proud of you guys, and I honestly love you guys so much. gosh\\


Welcome new officers of 2017!:

President – Michael Lee
Internal Vice President – Kevin Ip
Internal Vice President – Bayan Mashat
External Vice President – Bryan Chu
Treasurer – Davey Jay Belliss
Secretary – Sam Lee
Events Coordinator – Eric La
Public Relations Officer – Jessica Hsieh
Marketing Officer – Ryan Young
External Marketing Officer – Viviana Romero
Social Coordinator – Annie Lin
Game Development Support – Terry Yang
Game Development Support – Daniel Liu
Text-Based Game Lead – Benjamin Bjorkman

Since many of us are here during summer, we might meet up but irregularly. If we do, it’ll be posted on this website.

Lastly, as a celebration, dinner party will be 6/6 Monday 5-8PM @ Cruess 234! To say goodbye to our graduates, to say goodbye to modlab members, and end our year with some fun. Thanks to Modlab for sponsoring this dinner event!

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