GDC Club Trip Sign up! (Due Jan 10th)

Game Developers Conference (GDC) is happening Feb 27 – Mar 3! It is where you can try out the newest games, refine and turn in your resumes, connect with people, and have fun!

We are going to sign up as a group to get funding. We will have 2 “groups” going, where you can choose from:
Student Ticket: $80, Friday Mar 3 only. This is a great way to just check out GDC if it’s your first time and try out a bunch of expo games, as well as turn in & review your resumes in their intern center (it’s mainly for that)!
Indie Expo Ticket: $200, all 5 days. This is much worth it if you’ve already been to GDC; you’ll get to talk personally to developers, connect with people much easier, and go on any day you’d like.

We can get funding for $30 off each person (no matter what ticket you choose). However, we need to turn in funding application by January 10th. You can always sign up anytime and come with us anytime (and change your mind anytime), but the $30 funding is not guaranteed if you sign up after the date, so I recommend to sign up anyways!

Sign up:

Let me know at if you have any questions!

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