GDC Final Confirmation – Due Feb 24th


This event has been partially funded by Club Finance Council, an ASUCD-funded grant program facilitated by the Center for Student Involvement.


Hi everyone,

I am asking for a final confirmation from each of you who are going to GDC on Friday, March 3rd. Please reply to
Here is our itinerary:
We will be riding the train to SF together; we have 1 car that can fit 3 more people so if there is a reason why you can’t train with us, you can request for a car ride in Davis.
7:45AM – We are meeting up at Capital Corridor train station before 7:45AM, don’t be late! You can get to the station by taking the A line from school and stopping at H St Alley & 2nd St.
We then get off at Richmond station and ride the bart directly to Powell St. in SF and walk to Moscone Center.
10:00AM – We’ll arrive at GDC 10AM sharp, go into the sign-up area and remember to buy the Student ticket ($80). Keep your receipts! It’s necessary for the refund.
Everything begins at 10AM, including the student center and Game Career Seminar where you get to network and meet with industry game devs. If you are interested in finding an intern/job, please bring your resume!
The Play Center, INDIE Megabooth, etc are also open so you can just explore and try out the newest things. Most of these end at 3PM.
Usually near 3PM they have a last post-mortem talk which is pretty nice to listen to.
4:00PM – At 4-5PM we’ll then decide if we want to grab an early dinner or leave sooner (same way back).
I can guarantee a $30 refund for everyone, but there is a good chance that I may be able to refund all $80 to everyone (although I’m not 100% sure). Once GDC is over please email me your receipts, UCD email address, and mailing address to where you want your check to be mailed to.
So for the final confirmation, please reply to me the following by Feb 24th:
Name: Michael Lee
Number: 6508235806
How will you get there: I will be riding the train with everyone. Or I am unable to get to the train so can I request a car ride, I live in North Davis. Or, I have a car in Sacramento and I can drive a few people.
Questions: Is this going to be an awesome club trip? Yes.
Of course you can reply after Feb 24th but I won’t be able to guarantee $30. Reply to

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