2/2 – Meeting

Hello and welcome to another riveting episode of GDAC tv!

We’re all still reeling from the Global Game Jam (check out the cool stuff we all made here). It was one of the greatest experiences as someone interested in games to go and see just how creative everyone could get! Don’t fret too much if you couldn’t make it, as the GDAC holds quarterly game jams (next one being spring quarter 2018). Additionally, we invite you all to join us next winter quarter for our second ever Global Game Jam!

Now that the excitement of the Global Game Jam is over, we’re back to our regular scheduling for our next meeting!

WHERE: Art Annex 107
WHEN: 5-7pm
WHAT: Just a regular relaxed Friday. Come and show off what you’ve made, work on games old and new, and get much needed help on any project you’re working on!

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