4/9 – First Spring Quarter Meeting

Monday (4/9):
WHEN: 6pm-8pm, Monday
WHAT: Pitches by senior members for different projects to be worked on as a team over the next few weeks.

Hello and welcome!

On Monday, 4/9, we’ll be having our first spring quarter meeting! We’ll be forming breakout groups where senior members of the club will be pitching ideas for small projects that will be worked on for the next four weeks.

This is an opportunity for us oldies (but goodies) to pass on some wisdom that we’ve accrued over our time making games, hopefully making it easier to make the games you want to make! All levels and disciplines are welcome!

Stop by Art 217 at 6pm to join a group or to just hang out! See you there!

2 thoughts on “4/9 – First Spring Quarter Meeting

    1. markanickerson says:

      Hey Lionel! If Monday meetings don’t work out for you we are also holding Friday meetings from 6pm – 8pm in the Art Annex (Art 107). If neither of those work for you then totally feel free to join our Facebook group and discord to keep in touch. We’re also holding a game jam on 4/14 and 4/15 which is open to everyone. We hope to see you drop by!


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