Fall 2018 Game Jam

UPDATE: The theme is prison!

We’re back at it again with another one of our world-renown game jams! First timer? Seasoned vet? All are welcome at our game jams!

WHAT: Fall 2018 game jam
WHEREArt Annex 107
WHEN: 11am – 11pm

If this is your first game jam though, let me brief you on what to expect.

Everyone normally shows up at around 11am where the first half hour or so is spent doing ice breakers and getting everyone familiar with each other’s skill sets. Then, we’ll announce the theme and have people pitch some ideas of some games they’d like to make. Not everyone has to pitch, and you are welcome to work alone, however it gives those with a specialized skill set (such as artists, musicians, programmers, etc.) to create a well rounded team. We then work on our games until 11pm (stopping for food runs of course) at which we’ll all get the chance to play each other’s games and vote on the winners!

You’re welcome to work from home or only stay for only a few hours, the day is yours. We look forward to all of your creations!



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