Davis has loads of other Game related organizations, courses, and clubs – check them out!



ModLab is a Game & Social Studies organization here on campus. They are mostly Postgraduates and Professors doing all sort of work related to games and playable media. They host workshops, game discussions, and game jams – all in the name of education. ModLab has even been known to provide internship opportunities to help develop for their projects! Check them out here.


VictrLab (Virtual Interaction & Communication Technology) studies the use and effect of interactive technologies to understand virtual environments affect our daily experiences. Multiple club members have been involved developing VR games as a means of research for VictrLab, and the lab director Jorge Peña is currently looking for graduate students next year! Check them out here.


The list of official game-related courses at UC Davis has been slowly increasing each year. Some courses focus on design (one using Unity as the engine), while other courses focus on game culture & history. Check to see if these are being offered the next time you register for classes:
TCS 110 – Object-oriented Programming for Artists
TCS 130 – Fundamentals of 3D Computer Graphics
TCS 131 – Character Animation
TCS 198 – Modding
CTS 172 – Video Games and Culture
CMN 176 – Video Games: Theory & Research

For more information about these courses feel free to contact Patrick LeMieux: lemieux@ucdavis.edu


PIXEL – The Graphics Design Club on campus. See more here.

Aggie Gaming – The largest casual & competitive gaming community on campus. See more here.

Davis Computer Gaming Club – A bunch of great people who love PC stuff, if you have problems with your PC or want to buy/sell parts, they will help you!

Cal Poly Game Development Club – We did our first Game Jam in collaboration with them, and might have more events done together in the future! Check out their awesome website here!