This Game Jam is designed for both beginners and experienced; even if you’ve never made a game before, you will do so here.

The theme of this Game Jam is: One Button!

The winners have been announced!
Innovative: One (Arthur Palomo)
Artistic: OneNeko (Sherrie Shan)
People’s Choice: PIZZAROLL (Dominik Konecny, David Montes, Michael Win, Daniel Liu)
And special thanks to Sam Lee who made music for most teams!

I want to say that I’m very proud of all the beginners who came; you guys made if not equal but better (at least more than mine…)! Everyone did an awesome job, and I really hope you continue have fun making more games! And post-beginners, keep up the work – do some more tutorials, work on some new games. Try to beat all of us during the next Game Jam!

Click on the image to download the game.

WHATSLEFT What’s Left – Brian Mah

SPACEJAM Space Jam – Christopher, Kenneth Ng

ONEKO One Night – Sherrie Shan (On Google Play!)

ONE One – Arthur Palomo

PIZZAROL Pizza Roll – Dominik Konecny, David Montes, Michael Win, Daniel Liu (On Google Play!)

ONEBUTTONADVENTURE One Button Adventure – Shuidie Yao

PANTSBUTTO Pants Button – Benjamin Bjorkman

SWITCHIT Switch It – Michael Lee, Conrad Fay

These game’s download links are broken – will be fixed soon.

Shooter – Javi

One Minute Hero – Kalani Murakami