I am amazed how many submissions there were this time! Everyone did an awesome job, and plenty of you amazingly on your first game =) We will showcase these games next Friday’s meetings so come check them out! Anyways, on to the announcements…

The winners of Fall 2016 Game Jam are…

Everything Dumpling, by Wendy Nguyen, Ryan Tong

Pulsar, by Brian Mah, Daniel Schlesinger, Christopher Ng, Taylor McDougall

People’s Choice (2):
Overcharge, by Stephen Ednave, Eric Kim, Austin Kyan
Maximum Tower, by Will Chilcote, Joshua Prince, Jason Zhang

Special thanks to Jesse, Kristin, and Ziad for making music for everyone!

Click on the photo to download & play the game! (May need a dropbox account to download some games)

Pulsar – Brian Mah, Daniel Schlesinger, Christopher Ng, Taylor McDougall

RocketRun – Stefan Zilmann, Eric La
Everything Dumpling – Wendy Nguyen, Ryan Tong

Speed Limit – Davey, Joshua, Thomas
Punchy Punchy Punchy – 
Sam Lee

Reactor Reaction – Mark Nickerson, Sydney Schiller

maximumoverdriveMaximum Overdrive – Tanveer Bariana, Justin Mendiguarin, Nik Sorvari, Shah Newaz, Christopher Robins Simons cliffhanger
Cliffhanger – Lanh, Angie, Yubin, Hyun
Sovereignfly – Benjamin Bjorkman

Energy Power – Matthew, Maxim, Jonny, John
Ballination – Sean Chen
Maximum Tower – Will Chilcote, Joshua Prince, Jason Zhang
overcharge-screenshotOvercharge – Stephen Ednave, Eric Kim, Austin Kyan Pizza Roll v2 – (Waiting to be sent in)

Make sure to sign up here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gw3LHl8s_upTE5wjftI99XaKidNSxTUw2YIRZiTfppk/edit?usp=sharing

Game Jam is where people come together and create a game from scratch. Ours is a 12 hour format, open to everyone even with no prior experiences. 3 Teams may win one of the categories: Innovation, Aesthetic, People’s Choices, where each winning member gets a small prize.

We’ve had teams come in before who didn’t know what Game Dev was and still finished a game and won a prize! So don’t be afraid to try it out. Even if you don’t finish a game, you’ll learn much more within these 12 hours than what you might do in a month. It’s efficient, bonding, and fun =)

1) 1 – 4 people each team
2) Can be worked from anywhere, joined anytime
3) Any type of game may be submitted (2D, 3D, cards, boardgames, VR, etc)
4) None of your previous work may be used in this game
5) Free assets found online are free to use, but MUST be credited and attributed properly

The event is entirely free, unless you want to pay $5 for a bunch of snacks & pizza for dinner. You can also just come and hang out with us, play other people’s games, and participate in voting!

Location & Dates:
Oct 8th, 11 AM – 11 PM
Art Annex 107