The theme for today is Tough Decisions!

And the winners are…

Innovation: Manna, by Eli Marable
Aesthetics (Tie): Wingtome, by Sean Gosiaco, Melody Tao, Erica Nguyen, Linh Quan
DoYouWannaBe, by Estelle Jin and Michael Lee
People’s Choice: SaveThem, by Brian Mah
&Special Thanks to the musicians who made all our music and sfx: Jordan Henderson, Spencer Pencer, and Chris

Thanks everyone who came to 2016 Winter Game Jam!

Really proud of everyone’s work – saw a lot of impressive games from the beginners! I hope it was fun for all of you, it was for me watching everyone play each other’s games. Continue the fun by starting a new project or joining one =)!


Click on the pictures to download them!

Wingtome – Sean Gosiaco, Melody Tao, Erica Nguyen, Linh Quan

Manna – Eli Marable

Save Them – Brian Mah

A Hero’s Burden – Ryan Young, Sravya Divakarla, Irving Chang, Sam Lee

DoYouWannaBe – Estelle Jin, Michael Lee

Not Jenga – Conrad Fay, Sharrie Chen, Daniel Schlesinger, Daniel Lin

The Bread Thief – Arthur Palomo, Viviana Rosas, Claudia Chen, Katrina Torres

Empty Hallway – Eric La

What is a Game Jam?

A Game Jam is a competition where you make the best game in a limited time (12 hours in our case). At the end of the day, we play & vote for the top 3 teams who will win prizes, and all games are showcased here!

You don’t need to know how to make a game at all to join. Fact: One of the beginners team won last game jam, who had ZERO experience when they sat down. You can learn on spot and make a fantastic game!

The theme of the game will be announced right before it starts, and you will take 5 minutes to come up with ideas. Then, you’ll share them with others and decide which one you want – and join their team. If you don’t like anyone’s ideas, you can work solo, which is no problem at all. Some experienced people will be around to help out. Try to have a vary of jobs in your team (programmer, artist, musician, etc).

1-4 people per team
Each winner gets $5 Safeway Giftcard
3 categories to win (Aesthetics, Innovation, People’s Choice)
No limit on genre or creativity
Cannot use assets you’ve made previously
Can use anything you find on google or stores that are free; have to credit each source.

The event is entirely free, or you can pay $5 for lots of snacks + dinner (pizza).

Please sign up: here

Location & Dates:
Jan 16, 11am-11pm
Kemper Hall 1127 & 1131

Don’t hesitate to ask us questions on our facebook group!


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