Our GGJ site games are up! Play them here!:


What is Global Game Jam?

A Game Jam is a competition where teams compete to make the best game in a limited time. Global Game Jam is the biggest one held every year, with almost 6000 game entries and growing every year. Anyone can host a GGJ area to provide people to work. This year, we will be hosting a room (up to 100 people) for students and local developers, in work with IGDA Sacramento!

You do not need to know how to make games to join. It is fairly easy to learn on spot, and you can find any experienced/beginners team on the first day to join, or form your own! (There will be plenty of people trying to find teams)

Not only is this fun, it’s a great way to dive in game development, form comradeship, and build your portfolio. If you win…well, that’ll be huge!

Please sign up in 2 places – one on the official site and one to let us know how many local students are joining.

Official Signup: Click me

Club Signup: Click me

Location & Time:
Jan 29 – 31st. Starts 5pm.
Kemper Hall 1127 & 1131


If you are confused or have any questions, we will help you. Ask us on facebook!

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