The following games are currently available to be joined. Please follow this link: to add your name to the signup sheet!


Catch You on the Flipside

Project Lead – Davey


Inspired by games like VVVVVV, this project is a 2D puzzle/platformer game where you must control gravity to reach the goal. The game will be created using Unity and is perfect for all skill levels.

The Story Game

Project Lead – Sam


This project is a choose-your-own adventure game with art and music! Recommended for artists and beginner coders.

The FPS-like Game

Project Leads – Mark & Sydney


This project is an incredibly simplified FPS-like game where we will introduce programming in a 3D environment using Unity. The expected gameplay will include launching projectiles to hit targets in a specific amount of time, however we are open to participants using the game as a framework for other projects. All skill levels and disciplines are welcome!

Trial By Fire

Project Leads – Will & Andrew


This project is a simple top-down shooter, inspired by those that were popular in arcades in the 90s. This project is made through Unity, and is looking for all kinds and all levels of skill.

The Turn Based Game

Project Lead- Ryan

This project will be developed using Unity and will emphasize scripting. We will explore the basics of making a turn-based combat system.