Starting a game is easy, but finishing one is hard. These are the few games that have been completed, and here to show off! (There are plenty of more games completed from Game Jams and other events where you can try under Events tab.)

Tilt The Snake


Tilt the Snake is your classic snake game, but instead of pressing buttons to move, you tilt your phone to control the snake! Beware of bombs, and don’t touch the borders, or you lose a life! There are various items with different functions that appear as you score higher or as your snake grows longer. Currently, this game is only available for android. If interested, get Tilt the Snake on google play! Feel free to give any suggestions/feedback!

Project Lead: Wai Ying (Angie) Li

The Polaroid


A game made from Ludem Dare 36, it’s a puzzle game that takes advantage of perspective in order to proceed. The feeling of the game (art & music) was inspired by the game Life is Strange. The game is about 5 minutes long, and it was rated as top 10 for a long time for the LD36 and also was written by as well as played by some streamers!

Project Members: Chris Ng, Ken Ng, Conrad Fay, Spencer Lee, Michael Lee