These are some of the past games that were made (or on indefinite hold). Feel free to contact them to ask for a demo!



Dungeon is going to be a dungeon crawler with horror and time elements. It will focus on a main character who is trying to escape a dungeon he’s found himself in. There will be a light rpg elements in tandem with general path finding.

Project Lead: Dominik Konecny


RUINRuin is an action adventure game inspired by class games like Journey, Shadow of the Colossus, and Legend of Zelda, where players immerse themselves in a large fantasy world where they attempt to fend off collosal giants. This game is currently on hold until their other game is completed (note that most art concept might be reworked or is not in use).

Project Lead: Chris Ng



Wanderer is a real-time turn based action adventurer where you switch to attack mode and defense mode after a timer expires. Everything is hand drawn!

Not looking for anyone specific at the moment, but feel free to contact me of any interests!

Project Lead: Brian Mah

Jaded Souls


Jaded Souls is a 2D sidescrolling/fighter/tower defense game. The main goal being to destroy your opponent’s base. Right now we have the basic platforming and attacking done, but there are more features to come. (Don’t mind the sprites they’re just placeholders).

Project Lead: Eric La

One Night


One Night is a game that came from the Fall Game Jam, and is the winner of the artistic prize. Everything about it is great – just try it out! Right now it is currently under development and it will be released for Android/iOS.

Not looking for anyone in particular, but feel free to ask! You can also download the game on Google Play now.

Project Lead: Sherrie Shan

Shoot Random Things


Developed during a mini game jam, this game allows you to pick up anything you see and throw it at each other! Last one stand wins! It is currently being semi-developed by me, chris, vernon and khang but due to other projects it is on hold at the moment. If you want to try it out, feel free to ask me for a download (we’d love to get 12 players to play it at the same time!)

Project Lead: Michael Lee

Magic Game


This is a dungeon crawling magic-combining game, with the art and gameplay inspired by games like Skyrim and Dark Souls. (One of the best demoed games we had) but right now is on indefinite hold.

Project Lead: Conrad Fay



A practice game in Unreal Engine 4, where you solve mini games in order to proceed. Was supposed to be a FPS tower defense puzzle solver but became too complicated >.< I only finished parts of the FPS and a set of puzzles – feel free to try it out if I bring my computer to club times.

Project Lead: Michael Lee

Don’t Breathe


Don’t Breathe was a game jam game that we won from GameCamp. We would recommend you guys to play it except we ran into an engine bug, so it isn’t playable unless you open it from Unreal Engine 4. Try it out!

Project Members: Michael Lee, Conrad Fay, Christopher Ng, Jordan Henderson



Although not a game of our club’s, the team working on this were all from our club. This was a summer internship project from professor Bogad, and it was a great learning experience. One of the more completed games we’ve made (with awesome music!). It’s a local multiplayer board game where you try to earn votes on a 3D grid by placing yourself near them – you can use abilities to cheat by pulling them to you or punishing your opponents. It’s a representation of our current corrupted voting system.

*I am unsure if I can share the game here, but feel free to email me and I will gladly ask Bogad to send you a link.

Team Members: Brian Mah, Jordan Henderson, Darin Reyes, Michael Lee, Christopher Ng, Alex Jungroth, Daniel Schielsinger



This was the second summer intern project we did. This project is more of a program where you can plug and trace different graphs and have it play music according to the graph you drew. Includes multiple inputs and instruments. Professor Bogad uses it to do performances.

Team Members: Same as above



A really old game used for practicing with Unity; you have to quickly rotate the screen in order to shoot a certain color of bullet to kill the enemy. Pretty cool game.

Project Lead: Conrad Fay
Download Link: To be updated

Unnamed Music Game


A really, really cool game where you move to the beat. The floor waves around as you touch certain places. The only problem was the calculations took very slow and it was not feasible on most computers. It is on hold indefinitely, but feel free to contact the project lead to try it out.

Project Lead: Christopher Ng



A climbing exploration game where you…climb mountains! The scenery is great and the mechanics are challenging, giving you a great feeling of success when you reach the top. This is on hold at the moment since the lead is working on another game.

Project Lead: Ryan King

Game Jams!

During our 12 hour competition, people make games from scratch. A lot of impressive games come out from this – so try them out, under the Events section page!

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