Feel free to contact the project lead if you want to join them!
If you want to promote your game / project, or need help with starting one, contact me!

Frack The Game


Frack the Game is a video game where players assume the roles of competing fracking corporations seeking to amass the most profits from fracking before the end of the world. It is an adaptation of a conceptual board game, so game play reflects much of that organization. Through the course of the game, players survey, drill, extract and sell natural gas obtained through fracking procedures on a game board of the contiguous United States. The player with the most money at the end of the game, when the doom counter reaches the end and the world is destroyed, is the winner.

ModLab are looking for people who either have some experience in Unity, or JavaScript. There are openings in UI/UX, map engine, and the opportunity to be a part of development of an events engine right from the scratch. Paid positions and for credit is available for continuing UC Davis students.

Project Contact: Ranjodh Singh Dhaliwal
Contact: rjdhaliwal@ucdavis.edu
Website: https://modlab.ucdavis.edu/digitalprojects/frack-the-game/

Title WIP


This game is a Location-based game (similar to Pokemon GO) that has RPG features and multiplayer interactions. This game will be made in Unity.

Looking for programmers, 2D artists, composers and perhaps 3D modelers for Augmented Reality features.

Project Lead: William Chilcote
Contact: wnchilcote@ucdavis.edu
More info about the game: Click Here



ooOooOOOo is a game made from 2016 Global Game Jam. There are a lot of easter eggs and out-of-the-box thinking (such as playing with your game directories). It’s quite short, and I really recommend you to try it once! You can see other player’s responses at https://goo.gl/5Bwdcc

We are planning to remake this game with the inspiration from The Beginner’s Guide. If you’re interested in UE4 Programming (and some C++ stuff that messes with permissions and meta stuff) let me know!

Project Lead: Michael Lee, Christopher Ng
Contact: michaeleeli@gmail.com
Download: http://globalgamejam.org/2016/games/ooooooooo

Fishy Flop


Winner of GameCamp’s game jam’s Innovative place, a game where you try to aim and shoot your fish back into their bowl before they run out of breathe. A really, really fun game! (Try beating level 10 if you can..)

Currently Brian and his team are trying to complete this and put it on the app store. Email Brian to see if he’s looking for any more members!

Project Members: Brian Mah, Daniel Schielsinger, Alexander, Darin Reyes
Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/a3n171hxluf7pya/FishyFlop.zip?dl=0
ReadMe: https://ucdavisgamecamp.files.wordpress.com/2015/06/fishyflop_designdoc.docx
Contact: bkmah@ucdavis.edu

The Polaroid


A game made from Ludem Dare 36, it’s a puzzle game that takes advantage of perspective in order to proceed. The feeling of the game (art & music) was inspired by the game Life is Strange. The game is about 5 minutes long, and it was rated as top 10 for a long time for the LD36 and also was written by alphabetagamer.com as well as played by some streamers!

Project Members: Michael Lee, Estelle Jin
Email: michaeleeli@gmail.com
Download: http://michaeleelim.tumblr.com/


D&D VR Simulator


DnD VR is a game made for virtual reality where you get to play a tabletop game with your friends anywhere and feel as if they’re right in front of you! This game doesn’t enforce any rules on the game, instead it provides an environment for you and enhances your experience. Want to change your surroundings to a tavern? Done. Space? Sure. See a dragon fly over your head? Roooar.

Right now I need to set up networking and get more music/models in, and the prototype will be done. Currently we have 2 modelers on board, and would love to have any UE4 level designer and musician to join in!

Project Lead: Michael Lee
Members: Vernon, Khang, Spencer, Jordan
Email: michaeleeli@gmail.com
Blog: http://michaeleelim.tumblr.com/

Farm Escape


Farm Escape is a cellphone game where you make two animals jump across boxes and birds. The level of irritation and the music is almost equivalent (or worse) to Angry Birds…so be aware! >=)

I am not looking for anyone, but feel free to beta test my game anytime and give me opinions!

Project Lead: Conrad Fay
Contact: conradfay@conradfay.com
Blog: http://fonduu.tumblr.com/tagged/farm_escape

The Fall

THEFALLThe Fall (Working Title) is a 2D Falldown-style infinite runner. There is an enemy that sends projectiles after you, but you have a few items to help you survive as long as you can.

This project is almost done, so I’m not currently looking for any help.

Project Lead: Arthur Palomo
Contact: Message Arthur on FB

Mind The Traps


This is a game that we made for Unreal Engine’s Epic Game Jam – it was a huge one with 200 game submissions. We have remade it into an official game, and it was recently steam greenlit and on the front page of reddit! Soon to be released sometime Mid 2017.

Feel free to try the Game Jam version below, but the new one is vastly different =)

Project Lead: Chris Ng
Contact: thecomediclife324@gmail.com
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nri5Nf7F7WM
Download Link: http://bit.ly/1KlHdTk

Tales of the Nine

Photo on 11-13-15 at 5.18 PM

Tales of the Nine is a completely symmetric, minimal luck card game. Still in its conceptual phase, this game’s many combinations of cards allow for numerous effective strategies and counters. Each of the game’s nine cards is unique in its own specific deviation from the standard 9 health and 4 attack, and plans for additional cards are underway. Cards are robust; no one card can destroy another card in one turn without buffs or disadvantages. Tales of the Nine is looking for its own aesthetic and gameplay style apart from larger card games such as Hearthstone or Magic: the Gathering.

Looking for anyone who wants to contribute, or just play test the game!

Project Lead: Benjamin Bjorkman
Contact: plaustrum20@gmail.com

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